Widows and Widowers

 What do I do with all this paperwork I have received after my spouse’s death?

Jeff organized all the paperwork and helped me complete the forms and mail them to the appropriate vendors. This was a huge help.
How can I minimize probate costs and fees?
Jeff helped us understand this before something happened to my spouse. We retitled assets and had proper wills and trusts in place to avoid those costs.
I don’t know if I will have enough spending money now.    
By repositioning my portfolio, more spending money was provided for my day-to-day needs.
My spouse always handled the finances, what should I do? 
By helping me create a budget Jeff put my mind at ease and showed me how my expenses can be met. Jeff also was patient working with me to help me understand.
What do I do with the car, and other assets, which are in my deceased spouse’s name?
Retitling this asset, and any other ones, with new beneficiaries helped me avoid taxes and new probate costs.
How will the estate tax affect me?
Since we had established wills and trusts in advance, taxes are minimal or nothing at all.
I want to maximize my income but minimize my taxes.
Jeff showed me some annuities, life insurance, and tax-managed investments which gave me a larger income and reduced or eliminated the taxes.
What attorney fees can I expect to incur?
They should be minimal compared to an attorney who tries to handle everything. Jeff saved us thousands.


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck