Business Owners

My family and I rely on the business for a significant part of our income, what happens if something happens to me?


After determining our objectives for future revenue from the business, Jeff helped us implement a wage continuation plan as well as improved insurance policies so we can feel more protected no matter what the future brings. 


What if my key employee quits tomorrow?
By implementing the incentive program with a vesting schedule Jeff recommended, we have handcuffed key employees to the company thus better insuring that they will stay with the company.


An employee was unexpectedly hospitalized, and we had a hard time figuring out how to do their job.  
With Jeff’s help, we created a Procedure’s Manual which details everyone’s day to day work responsibilities. Now anyone can pick up the manual and see step by step how to do a particular job.
I want to protect my personal assets from exposure to liability, but I don’t know how.
Jeff advised us to remove all personal guarantees from business obligations and to set up an LLC company therefore reducing the risk to our personal assets.
I want to sell my business. Where do I start?
Jeff got us started with determining what the business was worth so we could then determine a realistic sale price range. We also discussed ways to minimize the taxes on the sale of the business so we could maximize the income we would actually receive.
How do I maximize what I take from my business while minimizing the tax ramifications?
By coordinating my benefits, Jeff enabled me to maximize my income and minimize the impact from taxes.
How do I keep pace with inflation and grow at the same time so I can increase my spending?
Jeff was able to reposition my portfolio, keeping it well diversified and rebalancing it periodically, which took care of the ups and downs of the market.
How do I groom current employees to take over my business so I can leave?
By assisting me in setting up a mentoring process Jeff enabled me to personally train key employees.
I am afraid my key employees will leave as I try to sell my business.        
With the creation of a stay bonus, my key employees have incentive to stay with the business after my departure.
How do I get the most from my employees?
By doing behavioral testing I was able to ascertain each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Maximizing on their strengths helps us to better achieve our organization’s goals.





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck